At a time when the world is in great turmoil, not least with its struggle with the Covid-19,  Contemplating Exmoor is a collection of pictures and reflections from Exmoor, in the south west of England, drawn together to give glimpses of delight, hope and liberation. Living on Exmoor has affected my view on life, life-style, living and believing: Contemplating Exmoor is an invitation  to look carefully at this wild and dynamic area of Great Britain knowing that it can help us look afresh at our world and ourselves.

Contemplating Exmoor is a project that has been brewing within me for a long time and is still a work in progress. There is an introduction to the project as a whole and on Wednesdays of each week during lockdown I will add a picture with reflections to help contemplate this beautiful part of the world. I would be grateful to hear whether Contemplating Exmoor  speaks to you and whether it helps you think beyond Exmoor – please use the Comments section at the bottom of the post or the Contact page.

I hope you enjoy  Contemplating Exmoor.