2015_02_23_AIt was announced today that I shall be retiring as Bishop of Tonbridge in the autumn. My final service will be in Rochester Cathedral on Saturday 31st October.  Although I shall be retiring from my responsibilities as Bishop of Tonbridge I hope I will not be retiring from life quite yet.  I was asked to produce a statement on my retirement and here is it:

It has been a privilege to have been in full-time, ordained ministry for thirty-eight years with the last thirteen as Bishop of Tonbridge. Having served in parishes in the UK and Zambia, and having taught in Geneva and Oxford,   I thank God that the Church provides such a wide and rich canvas on which to exercise ministry. Being Bishop of Tonbridge has been, for me, a time of many blessings deepened by the challenges I have encountered.  I will always be grateful for the love and support of my family and colleagues in ministry and for the joy of meeting and working with so many people throughout the diocese and in our link dioceses across the world. While Jane and I look forward to the next chapter in our life and ministry, we thank God for this one. 

23rd February, 2015.