Book Reconciling One and AllReconciliation is high on many agendas today.  Brian Castle argues convincingly that reconciliation between God and humanity is at the heart of the Christian faith.  It must also be sought in the political, social and personal arenas, in the field of ecology and, perhaps most difficult of all, within ourselves.  All these areas are interrelated.  The Christian understanding of reconciliation makes it God’s gift to the world.

But can reconciliation ever be achieved?  When can the search for it effectively begin?  Who should initiate the process?  Is forgiveness possible without repentance?  These are just a few of the questions identified, drawing on examples from personal stories and conflicts around the world, and explored through the lenses of remembering, victimhood, forgiveness and reaching out to the other.

Reconciling One and All can be used for individual reading and reflection or for group study.  Readers are encouraged to bring their own experiences, in the form of stories and art, to the reflection.  There is space for prayer at the end of each chapter.

‘Brian Castle’s sensitive, prayerful and well-researched approach emphasizes reconciliation as a process and illustrates some of the major challenges this presents to people of Christian faith in today’s complex world.  The questions for discussion have been carefully and clearly chosen, providing the reader with an excellent basis for further thought.’

Robin Eames (Lord Eames, OM, former Archbishop of Armagh)

Cover image:  Hands across the Divide, a sculpture by Maurice Harron, overlooks Craigavon Bridge, Derry, and shows Protestant and Catholic stretching out to each other.