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  • The Raising of Lazarus the Musée Condé, Chantilly
    The Raising of Lazarus - Passion Sunday 2014
    Pedro Reyes is a Mexican sculptor who has taken thousands of guns and transformed them into musical instruments.  Handguns are made into violins, rifles into a rustic piano and gun barrels welded together to make pan-pipes.
  • Presentation of Christ in the Temple and Radical Faithfulness
    Today’s celebration is about the planning of a revolution. It didn’t happen in a secret hideaway in a country under a dictatorship. It didn’t happen in a city board-room where a disgruntled group of people, who, disillusioned by the leadership of a company, wanted to oust the chairman and chief executive.
  • Walthamstow Hall School anniversary programme
    Walthamstow Hall School – 175th anniversary
    It must have been very hard for those young girls all those years ago to wave goodbye to their parents as they sailed away in large ships.  Their parents were missionaries travelling to faraway lands to serve God by working in the service of others. 
  • Queen Mary's Sidcup Commemoration
    Queen Mary's Hospital Sidcup.Thanks & Farewell to the Old: Welcome to the New.
    As I was thinking about today's service, words from TS Eliot, the nation's favourite poet, came into mind: In the end is my beginning. Today is charged with mixed emotions.  For many it will be relief, that the period of waiting and uncertainty is over. 
  • Martin Luther King Jr
    Freedom, Liberation and Ordination
    A few weeks ago was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King delivering his speech ‘I have a dream.’  The speech, delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, was a defining moment in the history of the American Civil Rights Movement.
  • Mary Magdalene and Love
    To hear Maureen Greaves speak of forgiving the two men who murdered her husband Alan must be one of the most moving events of the last few months. Alan Greaves, a church organist in Sheffield, was brutally beaten on his way to play for Midnight Mass.  He died in hospital three days later.
  • double rainbow
    Easter Day 2013 (Acts10.34-43; John.20.1-18)
    'Alleluia! Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed.  Alleluia!'  These words are echoing today in many churches, in many congregations, in many languages throughout the world as we greet the risen Christ on this most special of festivals.
  • Lent, Desert and Temptations
    Two years ago, I visited Egypt where I spent a short time with a religious community who lived in the desert at the foot of Mount Sinai.  My brief time there confirmed that the desert is a place of extremes.  It is very hot in the day and very cold in the night.  It is a place of beauty and terror.  It is a barren place and it is a place full of life.
  • star
    Our Journeying and the Three Wise Men
    I want to remind you of the story of three men, three celebrities of their time.   They were wise, wealthy and well-respected.  They had everything they needed to live….big houses, transport efficient for the time and people looked up to them.  
  • Harare
    Midnight Eucharist 2012
    Last weekend, I was in Harare where our diocese of Rochester has had a close link relationship for many years.  But over the last five years, our Anglican brothers and sisters have been forced out of their churches, clergy have been forced out of their homes, and schools and a church orphanage have been removed from their care.