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  • Syrian Children
    The Battle between Good and Evil
    Looking at this picture (left), we see a child sheltering his sister from bombs in Syria. The picture is both beautiful and horrific. It is beautiful in that this young child is shielding his small sister from the bombs with his own body.  It is horrific in that vulnerable innocents should never be subjected to this.
  • telescope
    Jesus Christ the Talent-Spotter
    Hands up if you have ever watched ‘Britain’s got talent’ (BGT). As most of you will know, BGT looks for skilled performers, especially those with a hidden talent and helps shape that talent for the bigger stage and wider world. 
  • Robert Mugabe
    Zimbabwe and the Parable of the Talents
    Over the last few days we have been watching a political dynasty, built up over 37 years, unravelling before us.  Zimbabwe. Not long after Robert Mugabe became president, my family and I moved to neighbouring Zambia where I served as a parish priest. 
  • Burrswood rededication
    'Come and See' Burrswood Celebrates Something New
    If ever love, healing, forgiveness and reconciliation were needed in our world and in our lives, now is the time.  We are hearing dreadful stories of thousands of Rohinja people being forced to flee from their homes in Myanmar into neighbouring  Bangladesh.
  • Stogumber Festival
    Stogumber Music Festival - The Power of Song
    This evening we celebrate church and community enjoying each other’s company, drawn together by the gift of music.  Over these days, some very talented artists are providing a wonderful programme of music, song and dance in this lovely West Somerset Village of Stogumber.
  • St. Bartholomew, Rodhuish, Somerset
    Easter Day 2017
    'Alleluia! Christ is risen!' That great acclamation will be echoing around the world in countless languages as Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Passion
    Ash Wednesday 2017
    Not long after he began working for the Black and Decker, the new Chief Executive called a meeting of his senior team.  He lifted up a drill and started waving it around and asked, ‘What is the most important thing on which we have to focus? What is our main priority?’
  • Stain glass three wise men
    God for all People
    Tonight, in Bethlehem in the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Nativity, which Christians revere as the birth-place of Jesus, a great celebration is taking place.
  • Brian, Jane and Dog
    Farewell Sermon
    Church and nation are entering the season of remembering. 
  • Rochester Cathedral
    Ordination of Priests 2015
    New beginnings. New chapters.  New possibilities.  Great hope.  This morning, this afternoon and tomorrow morning 24 people are being ordained and launched into new ministries in this diocese.