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  • Zimbabwe Anglicans await court decision
    Last Saturday I attended two weddings in Harare. They were the weddings of two clergy, one a parish priest and one retired, and so I accompanied Bishop Chad of Harare who officiated.
  • Justice is what the UK needs, not Fairness
    There is a saying in Africa that when the elephants fight it’s the grass that gets trampled.  This is precisely what is happening in the debate about benefits which is too often being argued with slogans and prejudice rather than with reason and compassion.
  • Resources for Learning to die
    I decided against watching Terry Prachett’s programme, Choosing to Die, because I am reluctant to intrude on somebody facing one of life’s most intimate moments.  Dying, like being born, needs to be treated as a mystery rather than an event: it draws those who are witnesses beyond the realm of time into a world which can simultaneously be both terrifying and comforting.
  • Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Persecution
    ‘Don’t forget us,’ said my Zimbabwean host as I left the Anglican Church in a suburb of Harare.  Yet the persecution of Anglicans in the diocese of Harare, which is spreading to another Zimbabwean diocese, is being seen and remembered by few Christian communities across the world.
  • general synod
    Is Synod fit for purpose?
    2010 marks forty years of synodical government and there is much for which to be thankful.  The synodical system has firmly established the voice of the laity within the governance of the Church of England and has provided a dynamic where laity, clergy and bishops can meet together for the ordering of the institution.