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  • Lambeth conference
    Not about staying, but moving, together
    Lambeth Conferences – the ten yearly gatherings of bishops from across the Anglican Communion – are places of fellowship and controversy. The last Lambeth Conference, in 2008, was no exception.
  • Can the Communion stay together?
    Will the Anglican Communion survive?  How will the views and actions emanating from a part of the Communion, regarded as heretical by others, impact the life of the Communion as a whole?
  • Forgiveness, Victimhood and Reconciliation
    In a court in Lueneburg (Northern Germany) last month, 81 year old Eva Kor gave a chilling account of the horror she, and her twin sister Miriam, experienced in Auschwitz, where they were used as objects for experiments by Dr Josef Mengele.
  • Challenging poverty logo
    Challenging Poverty
    Jesus showed a special concern for the poor and outcast which is why, as his followers, we are called to do the same. While many have poverty thrust upon them,  there are some who, wishing to identify with the poor, choose poverty and a life of simplicity.  Poverty can be an oppressive burden or a spiritual discipline.
  • Estonia flag
    Sing Freedom - Estonia lays bare her Soul in Song
    Political uncertainty in Ukraine over recent months, intensified by the shooting-down of Malaysian Airline flight MH17, and the recent abduction of an Estonian security official by Russia, have brought anxiety to many in Estonia, where the Diocese of Rochester is linked with the Evangelical Lutheran Church. 
  • two zebras
    Are we celebrating enough? Probably not.
    Dancing in the Streets, a book written by journalist and historian Barbara Ehrenreich, tells the story of joy and celebration. The book focuses on Britain and the western world, but takes the reader back to the ancient roots of ecstasy and ranges widely by drawing insights from a variety of cultures. 
  • Zimbabwe visit
    Rochester Clergy Visit Zimbabwe
    In the beautiful setting of Peterhouse School in Marondera, 40 miles east of Harare, 120 clergy from the dioceses of Harare and Manicaland came together last week for their annual silent retreat.
  • The ‘Art’ of Dying
    As I write, there is a heated debate around the burial of Tamerlan Tsamaev, one of the men suspected of planting the bombs at the Boston Marathon in April.  Some do not want him buried on American soil, others want him taken back to Russia. 
  • Harare’s Day of Thanksgiving
    It was a new experience for the Anglicans of Harare.  There were no police blocking the entrance to their cathedral.  There was no tear gas from which they would have to flee.  There were no padlocks on the doors to prevent their entering.
  • Developments in the Near Future – Hymnals in England
    When we drive a car, we need to make careful use of the rear-view mirror. It is especially important, if we want to turn to the left or the right, to make sure that we are aware of what is going on behind us: if we want to avoid a crash, we need to be prepared for what may be speeding upon us unexpectedly.