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What Future for Africa?

27th February, 2013

From the time of David Livingstone, Africa has always captivated and enthralled Europeans.  The size of it, the mystery of it, the beauty of it and the fear of it have had a significant hold on our imagination.  It is associated with great joy and exuberance and also with great suffering and death.  We have loved and been puzzled by the people of Africa.  Over the years, we have exploited and tried to tame this huge continent and its inhabitants.  We have also tried to help and support its development.

Harare’s Day of Thanksgiving

Church Times

21 December, 2012.

It was a new experience for the Anglicans of Harare.  There were no police blocking the entrance to their cathedral.  There was no tear gas from which they would have to flee....

Value and Characteristics of Theological Research

Talk given to clergy and laity involved in research.

18th October, 2012

‘A theologian is one whose prayer is true.  If you truly pray, you are a theologian.’  This is the often-quoted saying from Evagrius of Pontus who, in the fourth century was made a deacon by St. Gregory of Nazianzus.

Opportunities and Challenges facing the Church

Given to Retired Clergy Association

5th October, 2012

I have over a number of years (both as a Bishop and as Vice Principal of a Theological College) spoken to men and women as they were about to be ordained deacon....

Do Hymnals have a future?

The Hymn Society Bulletin,

Spring 2012

When we drive a car, we need to make careful use of the rear-view mirror.  It is especially important, if we want to turn to the left or the right, to make sure that we are aware of what is going on behind us: if we want to avoid a crash, we need to be prepared for what may be speeding upon us unexpectedly....



Reconciliation, St. Francis and Creation

Looking around us today the world appears to be in turmoil.  There continue to be struggles with hunger in various parts of Africa, some caused by politics and some by drought.