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Christmas Reflection 2017
Christmas is a celebration of new life and new possibilities.  At the heart of this celebration is the birth of a baby, Jesus Christ, born in a remote place that few would have heard of heard of, to an unmarried mother, Mary, that few would have known. 
Carols and Hymns as Christian Folk Songs
‘Let me write the hymns of the Church and I care not who writes the theology,’ wrote Dr. R.W.Dale, minister of Carrs Lane Congregational Church, Birmingham in the second half of the nineteenth century.  Dales’ comment springs into my mind around Remembrance Sunday and Christmas when hymns and carols become hot topics of discussion. 
Jesus Christ the Talent-Spotter
Hands up if you have ever watched ‘Britain’s got talent’ (BGT). As most of you will know, BGT looks for skilled performers, especially those with a hidden talent and helps shape that talent for the bigger stage and wider world. 
Zimbabwe and the Parable of the Talents
Over the last few days we have been watching a political dynasty, built up over 37 years, unravelling before us.  Zimbabwe. Not long after Robert Mugabe became president, my family and I moved to neighbouring Zambia where I served as a parish priest. 
'Come and See' Burrswood Celebrates Something New
If ever love, healing, forgiveness and reconciliation were needed in our world and in our lives, now is the time.  We are hearing dreadful stories of thousands of Rohinja people being forced to flee from their homes in Myanmar into neighbouring  Bangladesh.
Mary, Mother Theresa and Princess Diana – Cultural and Religious Icons
Just as an older generation remember where they were when they heard news of President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, so a younger generation remember where they were when they heard of Princess Diana’s accident and death in 1997. 
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