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Keynote Presentations

January 2017 - Bishops of Zimbabwe and Botswana, in Vumba, Zimbabwe

Leading four day retreat and reflection

February 2017 - St. Michael’s House at Coventry Cathedral

Lecture: Journeying from Victimhood to Forgiveness

May 2017 - Royal Foundation of St. Katharine’s, London.

Quiet Day: Journeying towards Reconciliation

May 2017 - Diocese of Bath and Wells

Study Day: Reconciliation – Good News for Church and World

June 2017 - Sarum College, Salisbury

Lectures for MA Course: African-American Spirituals: Their role in the development of Congregational Song

July 2017 - Conference on Congregational Song at Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford

Paper: Living with Contradictions: Congregational Song’s Contribution to Reconciliation.

September 2017 - International Team of USPG (United Society Partners in the Gospel)

Conduct 24 hour retreat

September 2017 - Rural Deans and Bishop’s Staff Retreat

Retreat talks

November 2017 - Praxis South Conference at St. Luke’s Church, Chelsea, London

Talk: Reconciliation and Remembering Rightly

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