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  • Christmas Message 2013
    It was improvised and haphazard.  Nothing was ready or prepared.  It happened in the most unlikely of places.  Nobody would have expected to find it happening in such a place. 
  • November: Month for Remembering
    November is a month for remembering. Remembering is important: the way we remember can liberate us into the future or enslave us in the past.
  • Psychology for Pastoral Contexts
    Psychology for Pastoral Contexts written by Jessica Rose and published by SCM is a book worth reading for those interested in the light thrown on pastoral care by psychology. 
  • Pentecost Message
    On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon the followers of Jesus Christ and their lives were turned upside down. 
  • Easter Message 2013
    In a conversation in Bethlehem, a Palestinian friend, who works on conflict resolution and reconciliation in the West Bank, spoke to me of the challenges facing his fellow Palestinians.  The massive separation wall was surrounding much of the Palestinian territories, cutting people off from their farms, livelihoods and ability to travel.
  • New Archbishop of Tanzania
    The Bishop of Mpwapwa, Tanzania,  Jacob Chimeledya, is to be the next Archbishop of Tanzania.  Mpwapwa is a partner diocese to the diocese of Rochester and so we are particularly delighted and proud that Bishop Jacob, a friend to us all, has been called to this significant position.  Bishop Jacob remains Bishop of Mpwapwa.
  • ‘IF there is enough food for everyone, what can be done to reduce hunger?’
    An enthusiastic group of people gathered in the grounds of Rochester Cathedral to launch and show its support for the national IF campaign.
  • Big Ben Midnight
    New Year Message 2013
    One of the great privileges in my role as a Bishop is that I visit a large number of communities and see people doing amazing things in the service of others.  I recently visited a unit established to help with the education of young people who, for a variety of reasons, do not flourish in conventional schools.
  • Christmas tree
    Christmas Message 2012
    There appear to be more Christmas lights and displays on houses this year than in the past.  Father Christmases going up and down chimneys.  Reindeer racing across roof-tops.  Large stockings with toys peeping out the top.
  • Harare
    Harare moves into a New Future
    Last Sunday (16th December)  was a warm, sunny morning in Harare.  Rain clouds were gathering, but they never came to anything.  In the middle of Harare’s Central Square (known as Africa Unity Square), four fountains shot thirty feet into the air sending out a message of energy and life.