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  • Estonia Church Flag
    A New Chapter for the Church in Estonia
    On 2nd February 2015, when Christians around the world celebrated Candlemas and citizens of Estonia also celebrated the ninety-fifth anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia celebrated the consecration of Urmas Vilma as Bishop and installed him as the seventh, and at 41 years of age, the youngest Archbishop of Estonia.
  • Bishop Libby Lane
    Crossing the Rubicon - The Church of England's First Female Bishop
    As I was crossing the River Ouse on my way to York Minster, I reflected on how the Church of England was about to cross the River Rubicon – when Julius Caesar marched his army across the Rubicon into Roman territory there was no turning back, so, too, with the consecration of its first female bishop, the Church of England was about to be changed for ever.  
  • Christmas tree lights
    Christmas Message 2014
    I have seen a number of nativity scenes over the last few weeks, but the most beautiful and moving was in a Sunday newspaper which featured a refugee camp in Erbil, Iraq.  The nativity scene was constructed in a tent – surrounded by the tents in which displaced Iraqis are living today.
  • London Tower Poppies
    Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red
    ‘Blood swept lands and seas of red’ is the title of the art work by Paul Cummins which has adorned the moat of the Tower of London.  The huge numbers that have queued to see it is an indication that the work has captured the public imagination.
  • ‘Assisted Dying’ will rise again. Are we prepared?
    The news is, quite rightly, being dominated by events in Gaza and Israel, and the plight of Christians in Iraq. It seems a world away, but it was only a few weeks ago that Lord Falconer’s Bill on Assisted Dying was attracting a lot of media attention in advance of the debate in the House of Lords on 18th July. 
  • Reconciliation: Journey of a Lifetime - Tour
    Here are occasions when Brian Castle’s  'Reconciliation: Journey of a Lifetime'  will be promoted.
  • Anastasis Fresco depicting the resurrection of Christ in the Chora Church, Istanbul
    Easter Message 2014
    Orthodox Christian representations of the resurrection, to be found on icons and wall paintings, are powerful illustrations of reconciliation.  The Orthodox do not depict the resurrection by showing Jesus emerging from the tomb, but rather by his descent to the realm of the dead where his work of reconciliation is seen.
  • Lent Quiet Days 2014
    The Bishop of Tonbridge is offering three Quiet Days during Lent. 
  • flood warning sign
    Flooding - Waters of Chaos
    When the flood came for Noah, he was prepared.  He was able to take his family and animals into the safety of the ark in an orderly way.  When the floods came to Moorland on the Somerset Levels and Yalding in Kent, there was no time for such preparations.
  • Zimbabwe Anglicans prepare for women's ordination with CofE visit
    Bishop of Harare Chad Gandiya has expressed his gratitude for a recent visit to his dioceseby three women priests from the Church of England. Canon Liz Walker, the Revd Judy Henning and the Revd Anne Jablonski, all from the Diocese of Rochester, travelled to the African nation with their bishop the Rt Revd Brian Castle.