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  • Presentation of Christ in the Temple and Radical Faithfulness
    Today’s celebration is about the planning of a revolution. It didn’t happen in a secret hideaway in a country under a dictatorship. It didn’t happen in a city board-room where a disgruntled group of people, who, disillusioned by the leadership of a company, wanted to oust the chairman and chief executive.
  • Zimbabwe Anglicans prepare for women's ordination with CofE visit
    Bishop of Harare Chad Gandiya has expressed his gratitude for a recent visit to his dioceseby three women priests from the Church of England. Canon Liz Walker, the Revd Judy Henning and the Revd Anne Jablonski, all from the Diocese of Rochester, travelled to the African nation with their bishop the Rt Revd Brian Castle. 
  • Excluding the Other
    The present conflicts in Syria, Egypt, Sudan and the Central African Republic arise from complex backgrounds but they all display a rejection of the ‘other’ who thinks, prays, looks or acts differently.  This extract from ‘Reconciling One and All – God’s Gift to the World’ examines this tendency to reject and exclude which can have catastrophic results.
  • Zimbabwe visit
    Rochester Clergy Visit Zimbabwe
    In the beautiful setting of Peterhouse School in Marondera, 40 miles east of Harare, 120 clergy from the dioceses of Harare and Manicaland came together last week for their annual silent retreat.
  • Difference: Friend or enemy?
    There are a number of ways of embracing the other, but the one which appears to be prevalent in society is dichotomy or opposition which brings with it a deep suspicion of the other.  Perhaps embracing the other through dichotomy is best illustrated through the adversarial system of British politics. 
  • Christmas Message 2013
    It was improvised and haphazard.  Nothing was ready or prepared.  It happened in the most unlikely of places.  Nobody would have expected to find it happening in such a place. 
  • Embracing the Other

    Being able to relate to the other (that which, or the person who,  is totally different from us) is vitally important for reconciliation.  Yet, as I indicated last month, too often the other is excluded, dehumanized and demonized.  For there to be reconciliation the other needs to be heard and embraced, even if we do not agree with it.  What does it mean to embrace the other?

  • November: Month for Remembering
    November is a month for remembering. Remembering is important: the way we remember can liberate us into the future or enslave us in the past.
  • Walthamstow Hall School anniversary programme
    Walthamstow Hall School – 175th anniversary
    It must have been very hard for those young girls all those years ago to wave goodbye to their parents as they sailed away in large ships.  Their parents were missionaries travelling to faraway lands to serve God by working in the service of others. 
  • Boundaries not Barriers
    Lecture to Clergy Research Seminar 8th October, 2013