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  • Cover of the book Reconciliation The Journey of a Lifetime
    Reconciliation: The Journey of a Lifetime
    This book approaches reconciliation in a reflective way, drawing on the Christian tradition (from the Bible to the Desert Fathers and Mothers to Mary Slessor) to reveal the centrality of reconciliation for faith. It shows that Christianity can offer society a deep understanding of this concept.
  • Bamberg Apocalypse
    Ascension 2014
    ‘The Glory of God is a human being fully alive.’  These are the words of a Christian from the church of many centuries ago, a man called Irenaeus, who was a near contemporary of Justin Martyr,  some of whose relics you have here in the church.
  • The Climate and Context of Reconciliation
    Although reconciliation will take different forms in different contexts, the climate in which it is being sought needs to be the same, whatever the context.  Noah Salameh is the founder of the Centre for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (CCRR) in Bethlehem.
  • Easter Vigil 2014
    Do not be afraid;  I know you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for he has been raised. These were the words that the women heard as they went to the tomb on the day that Jesus was raised. 
  • Anastasis Fresco depicting the resurrection of Christ in the Chora Church, Istanbul
    Easter Message 2014
    Orthodox Christian representations of the resurrection, to be found on icons and wall paintings, are powerful illustrations of reconciliation.  The Orthodox do not depict the resurrection by showing Jesus emerging from the tomb, but rather by his descent to the realm of the dead where his work of reconciliation is seen.
  • The Raising of Lazarus the Musée Condé, Chantilly
    The Raising of Lazarus - Passion Sunday 2014
    Pedro Reyes is a Mexican sculptor who has taken thousands of guns and transformed them into musical instruments.  Handguns are made into violins, rifles into a rustic piano and gun barrels welded together to make pan-pipes.
  • Parables of Reconciliation
    Reconciliation is God’s gift to the world which is seen at its clearest at the resurrection.  My Easter message will develop this.  This month, we reflect on parables of reconciliation and the church’s calling to be such a parable.
  • Lent Quiet Days 2014
    The Bishop of Tonbridge is offering three Quiet Days during Lent. 
  • Dehumanising the Other
    Relating to otherness is crucial in the journey towards reconciliation: without a willingness to acknowledge and relate to the ‘other’ (person, idea, concept, way of believing) there can be no reconciliation.  This extract reflects on how one can reject the ‘other’ by rejecting the other’s right to be recognized as a human being.  In a similar way, the other’s way of thinking and believing can be rejected by regarding it as inferior.
  • flood warning sign
    Flooding - Waters of Chaos
    When the flood came for Noah, he was prepared.  He was able to take his family and animals into the safety of the ark in an orderly way.  When the floods came to Moorland on the Somerset Levels and Yalding in Kent, there was no time for such preparations.