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  • St. Edmund's Church
    St. Edmund’s Church Living Well, Dartford
    It is great that half the congregation today was here ten years ago for the dedication of this new building.  The dedication contained within it a marvellous vision of Living Well to which the people of this congregation have been faithful and, indeed, have built upon. 
  • Estonia flag
    Sing Freedom - Estonia lays bare her Soul in Song
    Political uncertainty in Ukraine over recent months, intensified by the shooting-down of Malaysian Airline flight MH17, and the recent abduction of an Estonian security official by Russia, have brought anxiety to many in Estonia, where the Diocese of Rochester is linked with the Evangelical Lutheran Church. 
  • Rememberance
    Commemorating WW1 and 'Remembering' - agent for reconciliation or impetus for further conflict?
    World War I broke out one hundred years ago.  An armistice was signed four years later. Yet WW1 continues to be fought today in contemporary conflicts which can be traced to WW1 and whose direction can be influenced by the way that WW1 is commemorated over these four years.
  • ‘Assisted Dying’ will rise again. Are we prepared?
    The news is, quite rightly, being dominated by events in Gaza and Israel, and the plight of Christians in Iraq. It seems a world away, but it was only a few weeks ago that Lord Falconer’s Bill on Assisted Dying was attracting a lot of media attention in advance of the debate in the House of Lords on 18th July. 
  • Singing, Forgiveness, Reconciliation and the Estonian Song Festival
    ‘The person who sings prays twice.’  These were the words of St. Augustine, the Bishop and church theologian who lived 1700 years ago. If that remains true for us today – and I believe it does – then thousands of prayers were rising to God  from the Song Festival here in Tallinn yesterday. 
  • Reconciliation: Journey of a Lifetime - Tour
    Here are occasions when Brian Castle’s  'Reconciliation: Journey of a Lifetime'  will be promoted.
  • A Robin
    Little Voice, No Voice and the Birth of John the Baptist
    Some of you may have seen the film ‘Little Voice’ which was released in 1998.  The film is centred around a young lady living at home and dominated by an overbearing mother.  As a result of a difficult upbringing, she was a bit of a recluse and had a little, quiet voice.  However, she came alive when she sang.
  • Morden College Founder’s Day
    At end of last year, the world mourned the death of Nelson Mandela. He was certainly one of the most remarkable statesmen of the last 100 years, if not more.
  • French Hospital, Rochester
    296th Anniversary Celebrations of the French Hospital, Rochester
    One of the issues dominating British politics for many years is immigration. Elections are won and lost on these matters, as we have seen over the last few weeks.  Who should and who should not be allowed into Britain? 
  • two zebras
    Are we celebrating enough? Probably not.
    Dancing in the Streets, a book written by journalist and historian Barbara Ehrenreich, tells the story of joy and celebration. The book focuses on Britain and the western world, but takes the reader back to the ancient roots of ecstasy and ranges widely by drawing insights from a variety of cultures.