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  • Berlin Wall
    Pentecost Reflection - Breaking through Walls and Barriers
    I recently visited Berlin for the first time and was struck by the fact that the Berlin Wall, which divided the city for so many years, has now become a tourist attraction. 
  • Can the Communion stay together?
    Will the Anglican Communion survive?  How will the views and actions emanating from a part of the Communion, regarded as heretical by others, impact the life of the Communion as a whole?
  • Easter 2016
    Easter Reflection 2016
    I have been fortunate to visit Israel and Palestine on a number of occasions.  In a conversation with a senior clergyman in East Jerusalem, I was hearing of the plight of his fellow Palestinian Christians and his concern that so many were leaving the Middle East to live elsewhere.
  • cross
    Primates 2016 - encouragement and perplexity (2)
    The Primates’ Meeting was established in 1978 to provide space for the Primates to have ‘leisurely thought, prayer and deep consultation.’  Establishing a gathering for this purpose was brave and prophetic, recognising that time needed to be set aside for Primates to grow together in deeper ways that a surfeit of words will inhibit.
  • cross
    Primates 2016 - encouragement and perplexity (1)
    It is always risky to comment upon a meeting that one has not attended.  However, after a statement and communiqué and, perhaps more importantly, a number of primates sharing over the last few weeks their personal thoughts on the Anglican Primates Meeting in January in Canterbury, a picture is beginning to form. 
  • wise men stain glass
    Epiphany Reflection
    One of the many highlights of my time as Bishop of Tonbridge was spending Epiphany (5th - 6th January) in Palestine. 
  • angel Christmas lights
    Christmas Message 2015
    I was recently in a department store and was delighted to hear a well-rehearsed Salvation Army band playing Christmas music.
  • Brian, Jane and Dog
    Farewell Sermon
    Church and nation are entering the season of remembering. 
  • Clergy Conference in Diocese of Harare, Zimbabwe.
    Responsible citizenship and the impact of migrants on services in the UK
    Talk given to Clergy Conference in Diocese of Harare, Zimbabwe.  Throughout their history,  the lands that make up the UK have frequently been refreshed by migrants. 
  • wedding cake
    Celebrating Marriage in Style
    Over the last year I have been to three weddings.  A Zimbabwean wedding at which I officiated (in Southend).  A Czech wedding where I was the bride-groom’s father (in the Czech Republic). A Zimbabwean wedding where I was a guest (in Harare).