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  • St. Bartholomew, Rodhuish, Somerset
    Easter Day 2017
    'Alleluia! Christ is risen!' That great acclamation will be echoing around the world in countless languages as Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • love story
    Easter Reflection 2017
    I have recently been reading an anthology of love poems. The poems are intimate, tender, loving, passionate and sensual. 
  • Lambeth conference
    Not about staying, but moving, together
    Lambeth Conferences – the ten yearly gatherings of bishops from across the Anglican Communion – are places of fellowship and controversy. The last Lambeth Conference, in 2008, was no exception.
  • Passion
    Ash Wednesday 2017
    Not long after he began working for the Black and Decker, the new Chief Executive called a meeting of his senior team.  He lifted up a drill and started waving it around and asked, ‘What is the most important thing on which we have to focus? What is our main priority?’
  • Brexit road signs
    Brexit And President Trump Highlight A Deep Malaise In Democracy
    These have been heady days for democracy. Brexit has a popular mandate and will soon have a legal basis. President Trump won the necessary number of votes in the electoral college.
  • Stain glass three wise men
    God for all People
    Tonight, in Bethlehem in the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Nativity, which Christians revere as the birth-place of Jesus, a great celebration is taking place.
  • angel in Christmas lights
    Christmas Reflection 2016
    How can we celebrate the birth of Christ in the middle of the humanitarian disaster tragically unfolding in Aleppo, Syria?
  • Bossey
    Bossey - Glimmers of Light in an Ecumenical Winter
    In recent weeks the Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope Francis were celebrating in Rome a relationship that was initiated by their predecessors 50 years ago and in Lund, Sweden, Lutherans and Roman Catholics (again with Pope Francis present) expressed a yearning for unity in preparation for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation due to begin in 2017.
  • Spirit of Exmoor
    Reconciliation, St. Francis and Creation
    Looking around us today the world appears to be in turmoil. There continue to be struggles with hunger in various parts of Africa, some caused by politics and some by drought.
  • National Flags
    Brexit - Now is not the time for Reconciliation
    The die is cast.  The United Kingdom will be negotiating its way out of the EU – though, with Scotland contemplating another devolution referendum, the ‘Kingdom’ may not be ‘United’ for much longer.