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News - Brian Castle

Celebrating Marriage in Style

Over the last year I have been to three weddings.

Assisted Dying Bill 2015


Letter sent to MPs in the Diocese:of Rochester

I am aware that the House of Commons will be voting on this bill on 11th September and I am writing to express my concerns about the legalisation of assisted suicide.  I would like to make five points.

First, the passing of this bill will have a

Tanzania Drought Appeal


The Tanzanian Dioceses of Kondoa and Mpwapwa, which have been twinned with Rochester Diocese for ten years, are facing perilous drought conditions this year. The Bishops from Rochester and Tonbridge are appealing to their parishes and schools to help.





Challenging Poverty Conference

The Archbishop of Tanzania (Bishop Jacob of Mpwapwa) and Revd.Dr.Susan Durber, Theology Co-ordinator for Christian Aid will be the key-note speakers at 'Challenging Poverty: Celebrating Humanity - Partnership for Change' on Saturday 9th May, 10am - 4pm, at Trinity School, Belvedere.

Easter Message 2015

Challenging Death - Challenging Poverty

He prayed for strength that he might achieve;

He was made weak that he might obey.

He prayed for wealth that he might do great things;

He was given infirmity that he might do better things.

He prayed for riches that he might be happy;

He was given poverty that he

Retirement as Bishop of Tonbridge


It was announced today that I shall be retiring as Bishop of Tonbridge in the autumn. My final service will be in Rochester Cathedral on Saturday 31st October.  Although I shall be retiring from my responsibilities as Bishop of Tonbridge I hope I will not be retiring from life quite yet.

New Chapter for the Church in Estonia

On 2nd February 1920, the Tartu Peace Treaty was signed between Estonia and Soviet Russia ending the Estonian War of Independence.  The Treaty stated that ‘Russia unreservedly recognises’ the independence of the Republic of Estonia and renounced all rights to the territory of Estonia.

Crossing the Rubicon -The Church of England's First Female Bishop

As I was crossing the River Ouse on my way to York Minster, I reflected on how the Church of England was about to cross the River Rubicon – when Julius Caesar marched his army across the Rubicon into Roman territory there was no turning back, so, too, with the consecration of its first female

Christmas Message

I have seen a number of nativity scenes over the last few weeks, but the most beautiful and moving was in a Sunday newspaper which featured a refugee camp in Erbil, Iraq.  The nativity scene was constructed in a tent – surrounded by the tents in which displaced Iraqis are living today.

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red


‘Blood swept lands and seas of red’ is the title of the art work by Paul Cummins which has adorned the moat of the Tower of London.  The huge numbers that have queued to see it is an indication that the work has captured the public imagination.